Oh the Places You Might Go

The wind was blowing through my jacket as I crossed the street. Being so close to Manhattan’s icy water was not aiding my efforts toward remaining less than frigid, but I needed to stay focused on the mission at hand.

I was in the Chelsea neighborhood, headed towards the Hudson and the many renovated warehouses that line the island’s edge.

20 minutes early.

Despite the bitter air, I could felt a cold sweat beginning to take hold. Glancing around my surroundings one last time, I pulled myself together and stepped into 601 West 26th Street.

15 minutes early.

The warm air from the building offered some solace and I walked over to the reception desk. “Ah, so you’re going to the 9th floor miss. Right this way, and over to these elevators,” the man said, pointing through a security checkpoint.
Ding, ding. The metal doors slid open to an all white lobby, surrounded by glass doors and windows. The view of New Jersey and the Hudson was unable to be ignored as the winter afternoon light shown through the clouds, illuminating the office.

I was there. 9th floor. 10 minutes early. That was perfect for an interview. After signing in and taking a seat in the waiting area, I continued observing the sparse vicinity.

And then… I saw her. She was being broadcast on the large, flat screen television mounted on a wall to my right. The woman I could possibly have as a boss was stirring something, smiling, and speaking softly at the camera.

You know her name.
You know her story.
And you know you're a little bit intrigued.

Yes, there was Martha Stewart. Smiling and stirring; smiling and stirring.
Can you believe it!? No, neither could I.

Martha Stewart Living magazine was looking for an Editorial Intern for the spring semester, and I was determined to prove why I was a worthy candidate. Of course this is a notable publication and I couldn’t help but simply be happy that I had been granted an interview.

Now skip forward to yesterday at around 11pm. Some friends and I had just gotten back to the apartment and were about to relax by my little Christmas tree for the rest of the evening. I grabbed my computer and checked the email inbox one last time, only to find a letter asking for me to accept the position.

Um. YES!

So look out publishing world. I have a feeling that magazine is going to whip me into shape. And after this 15 week marathon? I’ll be ready for you. Or at least I can pretend to be ;)