High Class Hustlers

I threw my head back and laughed, while simultaneously clapping for the band as they finished strumming a jazzy tune. The bar was full of hushed conversation and the dim lighting partnered with candles on every table, as well as dark paneled walls, gave off the impression of 1940s New York. I half-expected a mafia member or even Blue Eyes himself to waltz into the joint.

But in actuality, it was December 2010, which signified the Pub Club’s last meeting of the semester. A gift exchange had taken place and now discussion was turned towards internships.

I am proud to say that every member of the Pub Club successfully acquired a prominent internship in one field or another!

Ivy has her choice between several publications, including Women’s Wear Daily and the Macmillan publishing company. Sam H. was drenched in rain during her interview, but was completely successful in all other appearances and will be working at Dorchester Publishing. Sam R. hadn’t heard anything from her first choice company for over 5 weeks, but was thrilled when the independently run W.W. Norton publishing house called her for the job. Clare had an offer at Henry Holt, but ultimately choose Harper Collins Publishers so she could also work with Ipad technology. And you already know about Martha and me.

Ivy’s uncle had generously bought a round of drinks for us girls, and then quietly listened to each tale of interviews, emails, and moments of absolute confusion. Finally after all our stories were finished, he spoke in a light New York accent.

“You girls… you girls are like high class hustlers!”

This sent Ivy and I into spasms of laughter, but to some degree he had a point. The publishing world is a small one, and to get anywhere - networking, smiling, asking, running around the city, and not being afraid of the word no are all included in the graduate degree package.

Sam R., Sam H., Clare, Ivy, and me.

Between all of these internships, I’m sure you’ll be hearing some interesting stories. I included everyone’s places of work as a reference for future blog posts and to let each girl know how extremely proud I am of their accomplishments.

Four months ago we were slightly bewildered, little things from all over the country and even though these are only internships and there is SO much more to learn, I am happy to say the five pub club members seem to be headed in the right direction.

And that’s cuz we be hustlin’.