An Ode to Packing

I did not know I had so many clothes,

Or so many shoes and so many bows.

The scarves and the coats add up too,

Oh what is my poor little luggage to do?

Then come the books, jewelry, and bags,

Still the more I add, the more my suitcase sags.

Two months abroad seems quite long,

But not wearing cute clothes seems just wrong!

What about my computer and iPod and phone?

How will these fit? It is simply unknown…

Oh wait…I see the light.

I know the solution for my flight!

I will swim to the island, no take a boat!

And then bring all my objects to keep afloat.

Because I need that black dress and some skirts,

And I want to bring about 30 shirts.

Of course I’ll wear heels, flats, and maybe tennis shoes?

There just is NO WAY for me to choose.

Excuse me, what did you say?

A cruise to Ireland would take 12 days!

Well. That changes things a little bit.

My wardrobe just took a hard hit.

I guess two 50 pound bags will have to do.

And a carry on, and personal bag too ;)

*This is a joke. I am not an idiot. But packing is literally making me crazy.*

Oh dear. At least it's all clean.