Yays and Yucks

Some high and low points:


*Yay to Irish people in general who help you with directions.

*Yay to good food. My host mother makes great dinners.

*Yay for the weather being extremely nice. All of June and this week has been sunny and warm. The only storm we’ve gotten since I have been here was at 3:30 in the morning.

*Yay to having nice people at work and other interns to meet up with.

*Yay for two hour conversations on Switzerland, Italy, America and their differences. I feel so much more informed!

*Yay to the word “gotcha.” For some reason it is well-liked by non Americans (and I didn’t realize how many times I say it in a day).

*Yay to Noriko, the Japanese exchange student that I live with. It's more fun to tour Dublin with people, and she has been great!

*Yay to being exceptionally well-informed in world news due to reading and rewriting it five hours a day.

*Yay to eating at Subway today. Smelled like home!

*Yay to accents. Love the accents.

*And Yay to only working from 10-5. It’s great.


*Yuck to having to always try and convert Celsius and military time in my head.

*Yuck to not really knowing if I have a curfew or trying to remember which key and what alarm. Living with a host family is great, but confusing too.

*Yuck to trying to figure out the buses. I know my usual one and a few important stops, but there are no bus maps ANYWHERE, including online. There are a few guides, but I need something like the New York subway map.

*Yuck to the lack of air conditioning. I know they really don’t need it when it’s only warm maybe 3 months out of the year, but this heat wave has me sleeping on top of my covers.

*Yuck to cellphones. No double yuck to “mobile phones.” That is a long story I am not even sure I want to talk about.

*Yuck to the hot and cold, bipolar shower that I’m still not sure if I am supposed to turn off and on in between shampooing and conditioning.

Overall, yay to Ireland.

A great Irish meal my host mom made.

Noriko, from Japan at the Gennius Storehouse with me.

Amazing coffee from the Woodstock Cafe.

The other interns, Alex and Mirjam, at the office.