Ode to Public Transportation

Dear 17A,

Why didn’t you come today?

I sat at the bus stop waiting for you,

But your shiny yellow top never came into view.

Dear 17A,

No more vacations, okay?

It was raining a ton,

And standing for 39 minutes is not fun.

Dear 7b,

Did you not see!?

I was waving you down,

But you drove past me into town.

Dear 7b,

I am not happy you didn’t stop for me.

Next time I see you driving by

I might point my middle finger towards the sky.

Dear 140,

You usually come perpetually,

But every time I say I will meet someone in town,

Later the night, you can never be found.

Dear 140,

You really must agree,

That being on time only half of the day

Is really not the best way.

Dear Dublin Bus,

You have made my life a fuss.

The whole time I have been here

There has been this constant fear,

That I will be late,

Or that a bus only comes on a certain date.

And the times are all wrong,

With no maps where they belong.

And Dear Dublin Bus,

You have given me so many reasons to cuss.

Everything else about my trip has been great,

Yes…YOU are the worst thing in Ireland to date.

Public transportation is such a farce,

And you really have been a big pain in me arse.

Sitting, waiting, and thinking of rhymes in disgust.

*There is a "Comments" section on the Dublin bus website. I'm considering sending them my little message...I think they will greatly enjoy it.*