A Year in Review - 2009

Throughout the last 12 months, much has happened. I've been abroad, I worked at my first newspaper, and I'm in my last year of college. What transitions! So I gathered all of my blog posts and put them on a website that collects the most used words in a feed and creates a small collage of thoughts and stories.

See if you can find my favorite tiny words: butter (is anyone else concerned how that is on the list of most used words!?), laundry (always type about it; never do it), justify (this is why I never do my laundry), messy (I was in a few messy situations this year; still I think this most used adjective comes from the description of my room), and lived. I'd like to think that I totally lived.

The largest words are the most common, and the smallest words are less repeated. It's very interesting to look back and see 2009 in text - Enjoy!

To view in full size click HERE

"Ireland," "one," and "year" seemed to be the big hits. It's hard to read the small words on the blog, but click the link above the photo to read at a larger view.