Summer Playlist - 10 Days of Music

Day 2:

You get up in the morning, and this song starts to play. It's poppy-hoppy melody has you gliding down the hall with a smile. The words kick in right as you grab the coffee pot, and by the time you're relaxing in the shade catching up on current events, the chorus of the song begins.

Well at least if my life were a musical, that's how it would be. This song if that quintessential good-morning-summertime tune that starts off your day just right.

Music By: She and Him

You might recognize these voices - yes it's the one and only Zooey Deschanel from "500 Days of Summer" and the indie/folk artist M. Ward. They will be performing together in several upcoming festivals and tours, so keep a look out for this dynamic duo.

More information about She and Him:

Photo courtesy of: Autumn De Wilde