The Setting - Revised

Guess what?

Yes. I have a bed. An actual, real-life mattress and boxspring and metal frame, with pillows and sheets and blankets.

It’s beyond perfect to fall asleep at night with the humming breeze of an AC unit on soft layers of linens.

Goodbye random couches and blow-up mattresses. You were fine, but this is better. So long hardwood floors and people’s apartments on Wall Street where I didn’t even know whom I was staying with. You were not so fine and now a thing of the past.

I have a bed!

Below are some pictures of the apartment. My wonderful parents drove to NYC with me to help piece together my room (however the journey up here was less than enjoyable) and now I really do feel as though I live in Astoria, New York.

Thanks to everyone in Newark who let me crash in their room, on their rooftop, or helped me acclimate to city life. And a big thanks to the parents for helping me move a bookshelf, desk, and mattresses up three flights of stairs ;)

Kitchen table

One side of the kitchen...

...and then the other.

The books I just haaad to bring.

All these little details were gifts from fabulous people.

The media center... and of course the heels.

Please step over two steps into my office.

Couldn't get rid of those gals.

Can you believe it all fit? Nope, neither can I.

There is still one blank wall over my bed to decorate, and I really want a plant as a pet. But after that, I'm done with this move!