Thursday's Things New Yorkers Say

Since I have inhabited New York City, I’ve met and socialized with many characters right from a movie or book. I’ve also overheard fragments of conversation or been approached with the strangest requests or suggestions. Much like someone contributing to, I too have been writing down all the interesting blah blah blah I encounter.
So I share with you some culture of the city. These short excerpts are directly from my notebook and completely unaltered (except for spelling mistakes because that’s just embarrassing):
1) Woman in Astoria talking to friends as she exits the N train:
“He hasn’t called. But I mean he said he would call. And I mean… he’s Greek. He’s crazy. So he’s going to call. It’s only been a week. And he said he was going out of town.” All friends nod in agreement.
Oh girl. This sounds like a scene out of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” He’s not going to call but your friends are too nice to tell you this.
2) Man talking to woman walking in SOHO:
“What if I murdered someone? Like, what would happen if I murdered someone?”
Stay away from me sir…
3) Man walking near Union Square, comment directed at moi:
“Yez eyes is pretty. You can stare and theys stars between em.”
Why thank you sir. Now help me find Bed Bath and Beyond because I’m ever so slightly lost…
4) Dude (who looks to be about 25) on the N Train talking to everyone:
“Hi my name is Swiss Cheese. Would you like to buy candy to help raise money for my senior trip?
I thought strangers were supposed to lure you with candy, not sell it. And has anyone ever joked with you about your name being holy? No… okay. Never mind, sorry. Forget I mentioned it.
Out and about in Late August:

Another birthday!

Shout out to Aunt Tracy for this recipe . They loved it :)

Favorite bartender.

So happy when Betsy's in town...
Pictures from Astoria Park:
NYC. The place to be.