Trend Spotting 2010

There are a few fashion and lifestyle trends I’ve noticed when walking the streets of NYC. Whether it’s a person strutting their stuff in Soho, random subway commuters, or an Astorian hipster, people definitely try to achieve a certain look. Fashion, food, books, movies and more are constantly balancing between being “in” or “out.” So here’s a list of a few things I’ve noticed happening around town.

1) Leg Warmers/knee socks – Everywhere I go, some girl has her leg warmers or socks pulled outside of her boots. I’m not even going to deny that I’m totally going to follow this trend. As soon as I get some boots, I’ll also get some awesome socks– they look SO darn warm. Summer’s parallel trend: neon tights.

2) Lil’ Baby Cupcakes – I can’t even tell you how many bite-size cupcakes are being sold everywhere. From street carts to bakeries, the baby cupcakes seem to have attacked the city. But are these yummy assailants worth a buck or two? Meh, depends on how hungry you are. Summer’s parallel trend: lil’ baby cartons of coconut juice.

3) Knit everything – It’s getting cold. November has been relatively mild, but let’s face it New York – you have bitter winters. So I’m not particularly upset with the chunky knit sweaters, hats, and gloves. But I really love those fingerless gloves, with attachable mitten coverings. All the better to text with, my dears. Summer’s parallel trend: Ray-Band everything.

4) Boston Terriers – A friend just got one. A neighbor just got one. I can’t go into Urban Outfitters without seeing these puppies all over notebooks or as random figurines. There everywhere – and have maybe formed an alliance with the lil’ baby cupcakes to take over NYC? Summer’s parallel trend: Owls – I don’t know why every wanna-be-hipster has an owl necklace.

5) Mustaches – This summer was the season of the beard, which is a little strange since personally in summer I would like to shave off all of my hair. Never the less, that seems to have gotten old, because now I’m seeing some crazy mustaches. Thus many men look 1980s chic – or like pedophiles. You chose.

Other random trends: bedazzled headbands, holiday sequins clothing, Harry Potter reminiscences, Kanye West, and bad upcoming super hero movies.

*Note: Editor does not agree with or condone all above trends.*