A Few Changes

I know I should be working on that paper for electronic publishing, but alas, 3 am is my creative time. Homework can't be done, and blogging (or facebooking, tweeting, etc.) often prevails.

So I've added a navigation bar to the top of "The Why," although don't bother clicking the links yet; they all say "Coming Soon." Consequently, I had to delete the Krishnamurti quote that used to reside under the title. It was simply too cluttered! No worries, I'll find another home for "The Why" blog's motto.

All this movement got me wondering... do I want to change the color of the title? Do we have a preference of yellow or white font? Do you even care? Don't worry, I'm not sure I do either. Yet still the question arises...

Classic #1 or...

Bright and Cheery #2?

Meh. I really just need to do homework and stop pondering the bigger questions of life... like blog fonts.