Thursday’s Things New Yorkers Say: Pickup Lines

Yeah - we've all heard (or said) some good ones. Those lines guys say that make you cringe. In fact, I had a great example today and it was just in time for Thursday's Things New Yorkers Say.

Walking towards the Martha Stewart Living building in Chelsea.

"Miss?" I stop, but leave my headphones in. I press pause and look at the 30-something-year-old man. "Probably needs direction," I think to myself. "Yes?" I say. "I'm looking for directions..." he says and lingers for a moment, not speaking. I nod, prompting him to continue since I was already expecting this request. Then he says, without even cracking a smile, "I'm looking for directions to how I can see your beautiful face again." BLAH! I'm sure I visibly looked taken aback. I could only laugh out loud and walk away, smiling at the fact he would simply shine on my blog.

Guys in there late teens or early 20s talking behind me in Greenwich Village.

"Yeah, yo but do you remember the kind of crap we used to say? Like..uh, what was that one.. oh yeah, "I forgot my number. Can I have yours?" Several of the guys laugh. Another one says, "Or how about 'Have ya got the time? Cuz' I gotta place..." All the guys laugh again. One dude suddenly stops and says, "Hey wait, that's not too bad." Everyone ceases laughing, pauses to contemplate the idea of this pickup line, and then simultaneously say things like, "Mike you're an idiot." And I have to laugh too, because it's just that bad.

And my all time favorite in New York City:

"Hey... I'm an actor (insert creepy grin)."

Well aren't we all!