What To Do In "The City"

So I’m updating “the list of things I have to do in NYC” that I have now accomplished, and giving you some reviews and tips.

#3) Shop at Beacon’s Closet

This was actually a lot of fun. The large thrift store is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so if you’re going, make a day trip out of your adventure and look up the other sweet shops in the area. Also by nightfall, all sorts of awesome little bars were opening their doors.

Price: $10 – $40 average

Memorable moment: Kayley wearing 6 inch, clear, plastic, platform shoes – modeling for us – and then busting her butt.

#19) Go to a hookah bar on Steinway (Little Egypt)

I haven’t smoked hookah since college, but with Little Egypt practically a block away, I had to go exploring. Though our experience started off a little awkward, we eventually enjoyed mango hookah at “Egyptian Nights.”

Price: $8-$14 for hookah (which is usually split), $2+ for drinks

Memorable moment: How about Kathryn and I were THE ONLY girls/women/ladies/females in all of Little Egypt except for our waitress. Hence potential but avoided awkwardness.

#37) Go to the Ronnybrook Milk Bar

This little joint is actually located in the Chelsea Market, and has an awesome “glass of milk + 2 cookies” deal. The atmosphere has a nifty "soda-shop meets farm" theme and, of course, the milk was amazing. The Ronnybrook farm is local, organic, and highly rated by New York publications. The cookies were tougher than I usually like (then again I could simply eat cookie dough) but it worked well for dunking, so no complaints.

Price: $6-$10, but the 2 cookie deal was around $4.

Memorable moment: Waitress: “A glass of whole milk, right?” Me: “Um, yes.” I don’t think I’ve ever downed a glass of whole milk, but it was so good. There chocolate milk is also rated #1.

#42) Visit the Chelsea Market

This was a cozy, indoor market that was a great escape from the harsh winter weather. Filled with small shops and restaurants, it would be an ideal place to shop for gifts and snack along the way. I still need to do more exploring because I was mostly distracted by the Ronnybrook Milk Bar and the Anthropology on the way in.

Price: Ranges

Memorable moment: There are tons of different bakeries, and the entire place looked great for the holidays.