A Lovely Little Post

A Valentine's Day treat to try... the classic New York crumb cake:

The ingredients for deliciousness.

Yes. I even bought buttermilk, which by the way, does not taste like milk in the slightest. I thought my roommate was going to gag when I took a shot of it.

Separated yokes, too much butter, and plenty of sugar = a healthy dessert!

Starting with the crumb topping, I added sugar, flour and cinnamon together.

Finally, melted butter was thrown into the mix. And that was the end of the crumbs.

The cake was a little more tricky. Alternating between eggs, buttermilk, and flour, a cake-like dough is created. Two egg yokes, salt, baking soda, sugar, and butter are also throw in to the bowl throughout the process. But the results were delectable...

From me, to you dear readers.

My roommate and I decided to share the love. I took half the cake to work in fear that I would gain 100 pounds over the weekend. The recipe did call for several sticks butter...

These little guys are best served warm with butter melted on top, or even a drizzle of syrup. They are also great as is, and pair perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

And there we have it - my first cake from scratch! That's what happens when you sit at an internship all day and look at delicious pictures of food.

Happy Valentine's Day peps.

Oh and PS, this cake is in dedication to the fabulous Alice Ricks. Happy Birthday Lissy!