Thursday’s Things New Yorkers Say: In the Snow and Rain

I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to top the Indian story. But here are a few phrases and tales from the streets of New York during our wintery weather:

Woman at work talking to another woman at work:

“My god. It is so bad outside,” Tall Lady says to Sitting Lady. “Tell me about it,” she responds. “I mean – getting to work this morning?” Tall Lady continues while the Sitting Lady nods her head vehemently. “I know, I know.” Tall Lady continues her saga. “I almost busted my butt coming out of my house trying to get to my car!”

Hold up. Empathy stopped right as she said the words “trying to get to my car.” Um, excuse me? You have a vehicle? Pardon me, but did you actually have to walk 15 steps outside? Oh I see, almost 20 steps in the snow… funny. I WALK 30 MINUTES TO WORK EVERYDAY, WOMAN.

My snarky side almost came out. Can you imagined if I screamed that? Ha! We would have to change this segment to “Stupid Things That Britney Says” - because there are plenty.

The main streets in Astoria.

Speaking of walking to work, this conversation took place on 10th street crossing over to 26th and the Martha Stewart building:

I was listening to my Ipod as the rain began to blow into my face. Honestly, the commute hadn’t been too bad that morning and my coffee and been above par, so I wasn’t very angry. But I must have looked exceedingly pathetic with my fur hood hanging miserably around my head. Everything was wet and slushy.

“You can stand under here,” I heard someone say to me. Now usually, words like that mean trouble. So I glanced hesitantly to my left. A man with beautiful coral flowers was standing under a large plastic umbrella. He looked like a fabulous African American God with that dry and enticing umbrella!

I didn’t think twice. “Well thanks!” I said, jumping to stand right beside him.

“Honey, you looked like a drowned rat!” he smiled while I laughed and slipped off my headphones. “Where you going – 601?” he replied, saying the address to my building. “Actually I am,” I said. “Yes, yes I thought so. I deliver flowers there all the time. Usually once a week… Daaaang it’s cold. When’s this weather going to end? Walking around flowers all day makes you want some Spring!”

I couldn’t complain anymore. Not even about the Tall Lady with the house and the car who annoyed me with her “getting-to-work-is-so-hard” griping. This man delivered flowers in the snow all day long, and still was one of the friendliest people I’ve met. Plus he didn’t ask for my number or do anything odd except tell me to have a “pleasant rest of the day.”

Sometimes New Yorkers say very nice things.

People got a little creative with the snow...

and yet there's still nowhere for it all to go.