Poor in New York: Parents Visit

Since you're poor, you don't always get to enjoy the chic hot spots of the city or the tasty delicatessens that line Lower East Side streets. Never the less, there's a certain moment in your twenty-something squalor destined to propel even the penny pinchers towards meals over $5. You've previously snubbed tourist attractions on account of your new "local" status, yet curiosity overwhelms even the born and raised, and a little financial assistance will have you snapping pictures like you're from Wisconsin.

This moment is when... the parents come to town.


Here's a list of what must be done:

Have at least one over-priced but exquisite dinner.
Sardi's Restaurant on 44th Street

In fact, eat food that is usually considered excess.
Chocolate covered cannoli from Caffe Palermo in Little Italy

Spend some quality time with the stars of the weekend.
Mum in NYC and...

Dad in NYC

Do things you can't typically afford to do.
About to take the NBC Studio tour to see the SNL stage, Jimmy Fallon's studio, and the Dr. Oz set
And try the "touristy things" at least once. Yes, you'll be mad if you skip out of them permanently.
Uncle and Aunt on the "Top of the Rock."

Check out the historical landmarks.
St. Paul Chapel near World Trade Center

But eat the local food too.
Katz's Deli huge pastrami sandwich

See a movie set or star sighting.
The table where "Harry Met Sally" was filmed

And above all, enjoy your time with the parents.