Keep New York Weird

The city was bursting with people this weekend and almost on the cusp of explosion during certain subway rides or inside particular restaurants. Between the Gay Pride Parade in the West Village, the Hope and Possibilities Race in Central Park, and the typical summer tourism, we were at full capacity.

This meant Bloomingdale’s Saturday shoppers were exceptionally hostile, snapping and biting like a pack of wild dogs. Train rides were cramped, even in off hours, and Broadway evolved into a “no walk zone.” Never the less, late nights were enjoyed and Sunday brunches were appreciated.

But there was one detail about this weekend that quite a few of us noticed by our own accounts, and then collectively agreed upon: New York was…well... weird. I stumbled into several situations that ranged from downright odd, to completely intriguing.

Here’s a photo list of some of this weekend events:

In the subway... can you find me?

This was some sort of transvestite fest in Tompkins Square Park with possible "spirit believers." Yeah, I don't know.

We found this "pi" compass in front of each subway stop throughout Soho. What does it mean? I wish I could tell you.

This is pretty cool. Pick up that phone and start dialing, because behind the back wall is an entrance to a speak easy. It's located inside an old hotdog shop, and a definite on my list of places I must go.

Costumes in the East Village. Lions, brides, unicorns - we saw it all.

Oh blast, I believe he forgot his trousers!

However weird you are New York, you're still my beautiful city.