July in New York City

Guys, I know it’s been a while. I haven’t forgotten about you and there are still hundreds of stories to tell. But lately I’ve been…



I don’t quite understand when it happened, but these last few weeks have been filled to the brim with work and (let’s be honest) maybe a little fun. Throw in the 4th of July as well as a quick beach trip, and you’ve got one unavailable writer.

Speaking of the beach… can I just tell you how burned I am as I type this? Then again I suppose that’s the final outcome of a redhead going to the shore with a Dominican and a Filipino.
May I simply update you on the goings-on’s in NYC and then give it to you in story format later? Because I’ve really got some people who want me to upload Facebook pics and a cover letter that needs revamping…

First, the 4th of July was fabulous. I explored Coney Island with Ivy, watched the annual hotdog-eating contest (as seen on ESPN) and then hopped back over to Manhattan for a late afternoon picnic with the Jersey boys and a posse of people. We stayed late into the evening, witnessing fireworks sprinkle across the Hudson’s sky.

My first beach trip of the season – I know, how horrible it’s only the first? – was a little piece of heaven. None of us could stop saying how happy we were to be near water, soaking up sun, and just relaxing. I don’t even think I cracked my book; I just wanted to sit and swim.
Of course, as mentioned before, my back looks ridiculous and this morning I woke up slightly sick and dehydrated. Never the less, it was worth every lazy moment.

In between these little occasions, I’ve been working away. Bloomies had back-to-back sales, and the magazine was buzzing as editors pieced together final layouts for shipping. I ran around the office like a crazy person with product call-ins and toy manuals coming out of my ears.

Too bad I loved every minute of it.

Enough chitchat. Promise I’ll tell you a story soon. Here are some pics to go along the narrative of the last several days…

Hotdog-eating contest at Coney Island.

On the beach near the rides. Crazy crowded.

Classic carnival.

July 4th picnic on the pier.

Jersey boys in the city.

Waiting for the fireworks.We had to get there 5 hours early to guarantee a seat!

Totally worth it. Hudson fireworks, on the westside of the island.

Long Beach one hot Sunday.

The pier and such. Most aspects of Long Beach were similar to Virginia Beach.

Ending the night with some ice cream.