Baby Steps in High Heels

I woke up early, wanting to prepare myself. Leaving my apartment in a rush is one thing. Leaving my apartment in rush today? That just wasn’t a smart idea.

Grand Central Station was buzzing at 9:10 as my 7 Train neared the platform. I was twenty minutes ahead of schedule, and had almost an hour before my actual interview.

Good. This was the plan.

Being perpetually early to interviews is my coping mechanism for nerves, and I’ve come to accept that fact. Does anyone remember when I interviewed for Martha Stewart? I sat for thirty minutes in the frozen air, too early to go inside but too late to grab a coffee 4 blocks up. At least here I already have a desk…

Click click up the escalator. Clip clop up the stairs. Dodge a heavy woman in heels, two steps to the left to avoid the man with a bag. “Extra, extra” and we’re on the street. Beep beep; the orange hand says “stop.” A whistle tells me to go – but I’m already going.

One last buzz, and I’m in the building. With a polite “ding” I’m on the 10th floor. After two “hellos” I’m at my desk. And now it’s truly time to focus…
I want this.
I really want this.

The next two hours are a blur of questions and smiles. I had printed out my resume, updated my cover letter, and dragged the good ol’ portfolio from home. I explained my thesis and discussed iPad technology with some of the top editors at Parents Magazine.

An Editorial Assistant job was opening for a 6 to 7 month period. Sure it wasn’t stable – but everyone needs a little risk! Yes, I’ll be looking for the next job in about 5 months – and probably blogging about it too.

Let me explain why the job is so appealing:

First, I already work here. It would be a seamless transition, with a slight change in daily tasks. Second, it easier to look for the next EA job when you’re already an EA. Instead of saying “Oh I interned here...” I can confidently go to an interview and pronounce I worked at a national magazine.

And finally…

I would actually be getting paid to do what I love. No one has ever paid me to write or work within the literary and publishing worlds.

But now they will.
Because I got the job.

Big girl shoes for big girl interviews.

After work, I celebrated with my friend Maurene, who coincidentally just made Harvard Law Review. Dang! How she's that smart and still capable of holding regular conversation is beyond me. Let just say, July 18th was a fabulous day.

So we toasted Champagne in a fancy Soho hotel, decorated with breath-taking crystal chandeliers. And we both ordered the fish. And we both smiled.

Yes, we both smiled a lot.