Poor in New York: Under Five Dollars

Let's face it: New York is freaking expensive. Luckily, deals are hiding within each neighborhood and alleyway. My first year in the city was rife with experience, and searching for savings has quickly become routine. Turns out being "poor in New York" is far from impossible.

For "The Student:" Grocery List
1) Pasta, sauce, and cheese is about $5 for a meal that will keep on giving.
2) A bag of apples and a few bananas combined should be $3-4.
3) A crate of eggs and three potatoes should be between $4-5.
4) PBJ sandwiches. Duh. And get creative by adding honey or bananas.
5) Sushi from a deli is usually between $4-5. A bag of edamame is even cheaper.

For "The Twenty-Something:" Drinks
1) Dounkin Donuts coffee is the better deal, but you can still get Starbucks signature brew “Pike Place” without going over $2.
2) By now you should know: PBR at
Welcome to the Johnsons is $3, Crocodile Lounge’s happy hour is 12pm till 7pm, which mean you get Yuengling and free pizza for $3, and everything at Rudy’s is cheap.
3) McSorley’s Old Ale House only serves two drinks:
“dark or light.” And it’s all $5.
4) Bloomingdale’s signature restaurant,
40 Carrots, serves a creamy
Raspberry Cloud Smoothie for $5.
Trader Joe’s Wine Shop will not disappoint. Look out for Three Buck Chuck.

For "The Foodie:" Restaurants
1) A
Brooklyn Bagel with plain cream cheese and small coffee hovers right around the $5 mark. And they are the best bagels in town.
Jin is a Japanese restaurant in the Lower East Side with a $3 happy hour menu where everything is – you guessed it – three bucks.
That includes sushi, sides, and drinks.
3) Prosperity Dumpling has food on the menu for as cheap as $1. Get 4-5 dumplings and a drink for under $2.
2 Bros Pizza has a $1 a slice deal, and if you really want to splurge, they offer two slices and a soda for $2.75. Hey big spender!
5) You can usually get a gyro or falafel on the side of the road for about $5, but its best to ask the price, particularly in midtown.

I recently got hooked on Gnocchi in my uber Greek neighborhood. $1.69 for the pasta (made from potato), and then add some butter and
cheese for a delicious dinner.