Fall: The Time to Play Catch... Up

I’ve been bad. There is so much to fill you in on, and moments are slipping away faster than I can type them up. By the way, where did August go? Now September is disappearing as quickly as the changing sun. And you know what that means…

Alright, okay…
For any New Yorker reading the blog, I won’t say the dreaded “w” word.
Just for you. 

Fall embraced the city almost over night, and school has started up once again. With that comes Pumpkin Spice lattes, Saturday study days, Sunday football, and of course, the late-night crunch. My college roommates will love this statistic I’m about to drop: Average hours slept per night last week: 4.7. Hours spelt on Sunday night: 2.5. Goal for hours to sleep per night this week? Eh…. That’s why you love me!

But here’s the reason I know it’s time for a blog post: I’ve been finding napkins in my pockets and scraps of paper in my purses with hints written from my creative self, addressed to my frazzled self.

Most of memos read something like, “Need 2 blog bout tennis,” or “Dont forgt: park pic.” I couldn’t even tell you what my coding means for half of these notes. But an even bigger problem? I couldn’t even tell you when I’m actually going to sit down and write out these entries.

So. Basically, I’m asking you to bear with me. Once my loans have gone through and my new roommate is settled and classes calm down and my thesis is well underway and people stop being so dang enjoyable, I promise, I promise, I promise to give you some fabulous blog posts.

But for now, enjoy this embarrassing picture snapped right before the hurricane. Happy Tuesday! Keep "holding on" until the weekend!

Come on.
 I couldn't resist a little word fun.