To Do List

What needs to be done pretty much now:

1) Clean room. It's cluttered.
2) Finish "City of Bones" series. This is more important than Item #1.
3) Decide what to wear for Fashion's Night Out this Thursday in New York. This is more important than Item #1, but less important than Item #2.
4) Do dishes. This item holds the same equally unimportant value as Item #1.
5) Order one more book for school.
6) Remind oneself repeatedly that, in fact, school starts tomorrow.
7) Buy peanut butter. This Item trumps all other Items, with the exception of #2.
8) Upload pictures to Facebook. This Item is time-sensitive due to your parents’ uncanny Facebook skills. In fact, your pictures are already old news.
9) Consider that possibility of maybe thinking about the idea of doing laundry.
10) Write a blog post.