Awkward Office Moments #1

Most of us will work in a cubicle-like setting at least once in our lives – and for those rare souls who escape corporate America completely, you’ve probably seen enough television to get a relatively realistic perspective of office life.

After much observation (and insights from working gals like Steph, Ivy, and Clare) I’ve compiled a small list of some… eh… awkward moments that are bound to occur when you’re working 9 to 5.

The Epic Last Coffee Cup Battle:
You are tired… so tired your bones hurt! Gosh it hard to sit all day and appear alert. But with that magic black gold, anything is possible. So you run to the coffee maker and reach for a cup. At the same time, some other tired corporate-mutant-human walks into the kitchen. You recognize the desire in their eyes…

But alas! There is only one coffee cup left! You get a little tense and protectively block the coffee maker with your body. Guys, it's survival of the fittest and our generation's jungle is a concrete one. You need that bitter, murky water to survive. So what’s the next move?

You can A) Give up the cup to your coworker and just get over the whole “tired” thing …but that’s not really an option so B) Pretend like you didn’t see them – yeah that’s right, don’t make eye contact! Of course then you’re kind of a jerk so C) Grab the cup and run… I mean, they might understand your need… or D) Do as I do: ask the cleaning crew where they store these miraculous little solo cups. This way, you have an endless supply of coffee AND powerful knowledge that sets you above your competition! YES!

Oh. By the way:

 I discovered that the extra coffee cups are very often located in a cabinet directly above or directly below the coffee maker. 

Genius. Pure genius.

Now take this insight with you and soar in that big, coffee-loving, corporate world.

More “Awkward Office Moments” to come.