Ode to New York's Winter Nights

It really is such a pity
if you’ve never seen the lights of the city.
Sometimes I feel the most awake
when the sun’s gone down, and night escapes.

The shadows crawl over the walls,
and the light of daytime slowly falls.
A certain thrill attacks the night air
maybe because, you never know what’s truly there.

Walking down the darkened streets,
My heart takes on entirely new beats.
The pulse of the city drums in my ears
And quickly vanquishes any unsettling fears. 

Our town’s lights flicker, twinkle, and flash
And somewhere, a late commuter does a dash.
He’s only trying to “make it” home…
The one place in the city you can almost call your own.

But our collective spirit is alive,
and while individualistic, concurrently we thrive.
There’s a web of intricate pieces and tales
And only simultaneously our story prevails.

Don’t forget that cold, deceptive night breeze.
Take in this place; take it all in please.
A city too blasé certainly dies.
So WAKE UP, and open your disenchanted eyes.

The contrasting dark night
with the harsh, bright light
may certainly bestow quite a great fright.
But for me (and for you)… oh what sheer delight.

For the city’s energy fills our weary appetite. 

While this post is intended to speak to the hearts of New Yorkers, I'm sure these words could be applied to any city with that unstoppable sort of rhythm and addicting nighttime air.