Aren't We Lucky?

Broken shower, roommate shuffle, doctor’s appointments, grad school classes, and overtime work hours. Despite being a crazy past two weeks, here are some random reasons why I’m loving this city right now:

1) The fruit cart man remembers me. Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I will ask to work there again.Yes, that might be one of my favorite city moments. 
2) My paycheck finally arrived. Screw you, ramen noodles! Oh how fickle we may be when money is involved in the grocery list.
3) The subway stays open all night. Sure, this is something I’ve always known. But after visiting DC (which the rest of, by the way, was fabulous) and realizing other cities do not have the same system… Just call me grateful. You can also call me a fool because I had to cab it back to Maryland.
4) It was 55 degrees today and it’s February. So why not take lunch in Central Park? And maybe a coffee break as well?
5) I wore a pink wig around Harlem with a friend simply because I could.
And that was certainly a memorable experience.

Happy Friday people. Please enjoy those weekends.