Poor in New York: Five under $5

Last August I blogged about several bars, shops, and restaurants that offer deals at $5 or less. It seems about time for another roundup so without further ado, here is your I’m-cheap-in-the-city menu to live by:

Breakfast: While the Brooklyn Bagel will always reign supreme in my mind, I’ve found a few bakeries outside of Astoria that will curb your carb appetite. Ess-a-Bagel (with locations at 51st and 3rd or on 21st and 1st) has been serving NY since 1976. The line is always long, but for $3-5 you can have a meal that will hold you over for hours. 

Lunch: If you’ve truly had enough slices of $1 pizza, not to worry. Head over to Gray’s Papaya on the Upper West or in the Village. You can buy two hotdogs and a 16 oz. drink for $3.99. Or – for the big spenders – chicken strips, fries, and a 16 oz. drink are all available for $4.95. 
(PS – I never said this was going to be a healthy post… At least you’re walking a lot.)

Snack: For the mid-afternoon munchies, try the Café Habana takeout on Prince and Elizabeth. Their specialty is “Grilled Corn Mexican Style” and cost only $2 per ear.

Dinner: Souths is a restaurant that was passed down to my current friend group via the old rulers of this city. Every now and then we would venture into this Tribeca bar back in 2009, ordering one thing and one thing only: nachos. Yes, they’re $10. But you HAVE to split them, making the bill about $5 each. And I have no doubt that between piles of cheese and guac, you’ll also try to mumble, “these are the best nachos ever.” (Editor’s Note: The Why Blog does not take responsibly for any of the possible after effects of this dish.)

Dessert: If you happen to be near Chelsea Market, Ronneybrook Milk Bar has a glass of milk + 2 cookie deal for $5. Or while strolling through Soho, hit up the new Georgetown Cupcakes shop for treats at $2.75 a piece. And if you really want to dig around for an authentic NY dessert, I’m sure you could find a cannoli or two for less the $5 in Little Italy.

Best of luck my foodie friends.

Souths New York Nachos. I mean... that's pretty incredible.