Poor in New York: Retirement Plan

When I was working at Bloomingdales, I was considered a full-fledged employee. This meant I was entitled to certain benefits, as well as an “investment plan.” Eventually I left the retail world and moved on to the next job sometime last summer.

I forgot about my “retirement plan.”

Apparently, my money has been sitting in an account somewhere, waiting to be claimed. Since I’ve never really thought about an extended vacation, much less retirement, you can imagine my surprise when a check was sent to me from Macy’s financial services.

Yes, my retirement money has arrived.
My 401(K) is waiting to be spent.
My financial planning has really paid off. 
Or maybe I should save the money? You know, make a little interest.
But then again, what's the fun in that.

So guys, it looks like I might be able to buy lunch one day this week. Dollar-a-slice pizza on this money-making gal.  

I think it's safe to say I have a few more years of work left in me.