Making It Happen

This is a pretty awesome idea.

Hector is a close friend I met in college (as well as my sister’s boyfriend!) and he has some extraordinary thoughts about how to merge his passions. Basketball and serving others in need don’t always go hand-in-hand, but he wants to prove how they can.

Here’s the program: “The Shooting Touch Sabbatical Program grants graduating college seniors the opportunity to travel the world and partake in a international work program using the platform of basketball to help foster education and influence positive social change in third world communities.”

The video below is a part of Hector’s application process, as well as further explanation of how he hopes to achieve his goals and use any grant money received. The more you watch, the more it helps his chances.

PS – This guy has his crap together. As he was listing all of his extracurricular activities on campus, I couldn’t help but smile: Hector was always busy while I was in school with him, but when you are talking together, you’d think you were the most important person in the room. This is one of the many qualities I know that will help him later in life - whether it’s through this grant or through another opportunity just as selfless.

Enjoy and pass along. Happy Friday peps.