Poor in New York: We Make Do

My roommate continues to surprise me with her DIY talents.  Just a few weeks ago, I walked into the apartment, only to see she had fashioned some old boxes into shelves for a few of her random oddities. Now if that's not a perfect example of being fashionably poor in NY, then I don't know what is. 

Oh, if only you could see my room right now…

To be fair, I was away from New York three out of the four weeks in May, graduated from grad school, went on vacation, and then started a new job. I’m totally justifying my room’s appearance (and lack of blogging), but please just let me. 

Which brings up another point: I’m back in the low zone with money, so here are the top five "Poor in New York” activities of the week.

1. Ate at Two Bros Pizza – You know what this means… one-dollar slices and paper plates. I try and keep it classy.

2. Bought potatoes, eggs, 89-cent lunch meant, and instant grits – The diet of a gal with a budget. But at least it’s not just PB&J’s anymore. I’ve matured.

3. Paid Rent – ‘Nough said.

4. Went to the Met and donated $2 instead of the “suggested donation of $12” – Sorry uptight museum worker, you can’t guilt trip me. I’ll be back far too soon to pay full price.

5. Didn’t buy: That cute dress, the cookie special at C-Town, or those M83 concert tickets. I know; my soul cried a little too at the loss of a concert. But that’s $45 I can put into savings.

Or spend this weekend.

P.S. – Beach pictures shall be up soon! Here’s a tease:

St. Augustine.