Ode to a New York Summer (in Pictures)

Don't worry about the temperature; just take it all in while you can. We blink and the summer's gone, with our lackadaisical mentality thrown into hibernation for another nine months. The heat is fierce, no doubt, but a calm haze settles over the city while the sun is high. 

And then we wake up at night. 

July 4th festivities in the greenery. 

Sweaty subway rides made better by balloons.

Union Square's green market snacks.

Classy summertime lady of the boroughs.

A sweet promise for the price of a drink.

No tables needed.

Thrifty, thrifty, all we've got is $50.

Surprise storms in the late afternoons.

And so we dance when we get the chance.

Wasting away when the sun is high.

Friday night boat trips around the island.

A Saturday summertime staple, not easily found.

Accidental pictures and accidental laughs.

Random edamame nights and two-buck beer.

Watching the blistering sun melt tar in the streets.

Getaway trips upstate to beat the heat.

Picnics in parks, porches, and pathways.

At that frenzied crux, when the night is about to obliterate the day.