For the next two weeks, I’m going to take a short break from New York City and dive into another adventure: Scotland, London, and Iceland.

My youngest sister Grace and I are flying to Scotland on the day I’m “penning” this. In Glasgow, we’ll meet up with Alice who is, in short, one of my closest friends from the high school years, my previous Eurasia travel buddy, and a teacher in London. We’ll tour the Highlands and visit Glencoe, Fort William, Isle of Skye, Inverness, and Aviemore. It will most likely rain the entire time we’re gallivanting around this country—but I packed a poncho! And yes, there will be castle hunting and Scotch tastings.

Grace flies home five days later on March 30, while Alice and I continue south to London. I’ll see where she lives, the school she teaches at in Surrey, as well as spend a pinch of time in the city centre. After sipping some tea (and maybe doing laundry), we’ll fly west to Reykjavik. 

In Iceland, Alice and I will meet up with New York friend, ex-East Village neighbor, and travel extraordinaire, Heather. None of us have visited this country of “fire and ice” before, so we’ll start with the basics: Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, the southern town of Vik, and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. We hope to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, but the chances are 50/50 this time of year. I’d also like to spot a puffin and a wild Icelandic horse.

After a six-day road trip through this unbelievably epic looking country, I fly back to Virginia to see one of best friends from college get married. I’m also honored to be one of Steph’s bridesmaids, so even when my trip is over I have something incredible to look forward to back in the States.

(This celebration also makes packing an adventure in itself. Can someone remind me to text Boyfriend and tell him to pack my dress shoes? They don’t fit in this blasted suitcase!)

We’re praying for safe travels, decent weather, and remarkable memories. Also, a tremendous “thank, you kindly” to everyone who sent us travel advice, restaurant suggestions, and lodging tips.

I’ll be a bit disconnected from the world, but will most likely buy a SIM card with a tiny data plan. So… I’ll see you on Instagram ;)