The List

Ah, the infamous list... When I first got to NYC, I decided to create a bucket list of everything I wanted to partake in before my time here is up. This page is still morphing and completely open to suggestion. If you think of something (activity, museum, restaurant, etc.) I absolutely must divulge into over the next several years, please leave a comment. The words in red have already been done, and the words in white must still be fulfilled. 

Now let the New York adventures begin. 

1) Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
2) Kayak on the Hudson
3) Shop at Beacon's Closet
4) Get rice pudding in SoHo
5) Eat a hotdog at Coney Island
6) Have 2 drinks at Sidewalk Cafe
7) Check out the Mercury Lounge
8) Go to Pianos
9) Eat at Cup Diner and Bar in Astoria
10) Go to Museum of Moving Images
11) Try Mike's Diner and Neptune Diner at 2am
12) Go to the Bohemian Beer Garden
13) Eat a Heeb sandwich at Russ and Daughters
14) Get a slice of pizza at Di Fara, Grimaldi's, Roberta's and the restaurant across from The Spring Lounge. Then decide the best. 
15) See a movie in 3LD
16) Go to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
17) Order an $8 float at Back Forty
18) Have a $2 PBR at Welcome to the Johnson's
19) Go to a hookah bar on Steinway (Little Egypt)
20) Go up the empire state building
21) Ride the Staten Island Ferry
22) Get a cup of joe at Joe in Soho
23) Go to the Staten Island Botanical Gardens and find the "secret garden."
24) Listen to free music from Juilliard kids
25) Visit the MoMA again
26) Visit the Met
27) Visit the Guggenheim 
28) Go to the Green flea market one Sunday
29) Eat something from Shake Shack 
30) Check out Clothingline and New and Almost New shops
31) Go to the beach in Queens
32) Get two buck corn at Cafe Habana
33) Go to a free play reading
34) See an improv show - free at The Pit
35) Enjoy Jeremy's 32oz. cup of beer in South Seaport
36) Visit Unnamable Books in Brooklyn
37) Go to the Ronnybrook Milk Bar
38) Get free food at Cha An Japanese Tea Room from 5 to 7 on weekdays.
39) See the Cake Boss bakery in Hoboken, NJ
40) Go to the Crocodile Lounge for free pizza with any drink order, any time of the day.
41) Sleep in central park - with people.
42) Visit the Chelsea Market
43) Souths for nachos and Solas for Couch Surfing  
44) Do the High Line train park
45) Go to Katz Deli for a Ruben, even if they're $15.
46) Visit the Brooklyn Brewery
47) See Pace University's downtown center
48) See St. Paul's Church in the financial district. 
49) Sunday dinners at Ferroli's Cafe in Soho
50) Go to a celebrity comedy bio reading in the Upper West Side
51) See the Cloisters in Inwood, the same day as the Met because it comes with the ticket
52) Dress up and see the Halloween Parade
53) Participate in Middle School Pancake Breakfast in NJ
54) See a celebrity 
55) Go to Rudy's Bar for free hotdogs with drink order
56) See the Macy's Day parade - in real life
57) See a free summer movie in Bryant Park
58) Do a brunch at Patsy's in Meatpacking
59) See the revolving floor of The View on the top floor of the Marriott in Times Square
60) See a Broadway and off-Broadway show
62) See the view of New York from The Top of the Rock.
63) Go to Brooklyn Bowl.
64) Go behind the scenes of a magazine
65) Get on to Roosevelt Island 
66) Spend time in The Strand and Housing Works book stores. 
67) Sing about New York in the street/subway
68) Hear Tim Keller speak
69) Have chocolate at Max Brenner
70) Then have chocolate at Jacques Torres in Brooklyn
71) Get on the roof of your apartment building
72) Take a tour of the Masts Brother Chocolate Factory
72) Go to an author reading at KGB Bar
73) Attend a book signing by someone famous
74) Ride the N train from Astoria-Ditmars all the way to Coney Island.
75) Eat at a restaurant overlooking the Hudson River 
76) Watch the sun rise is the city that never sleeps (after not sleeping of course). 
77) Go to a concert in South Seaport
78)And also one at the Brooklyn Ballroom
79) And then another concert somewhere dirty and gross and unknown.
80) Ride the 6 train when they are turning it around and drive through an old, unused subway station.
81) Go to one of New York's sports arenas.
82) Go to Eataly and enjoy Italian food. 
83) Visit the Grand Central Market
84)While your there, go to Grand Central Oyster Bar.
85) Tribeca Film Festival
86) Brooklyn Cheery Blossom Festival
87) Go to the opening of a movie
88) Do a scavenger hunt through the city.
89) Party at PS 1 during the summer in Queens
90) Do the bread list from NY magazine
91) Try playing pool again. Maybe at Turkey's Nest?
92) See an outdoor movie in Queens Sculpture
93) Go to that bar that was in the movie Rent in LES
94) While you're at it, go to the bar that How I Met Your Mother is based off of in Midtown. 
95) See something at Soho Rep 46
96) Check out the Merchant's House in East Village
97) Go to Astoria's Hell Gate Social for a cult classic film in  the summer
98) Look into Westsider Books, which is open till midnight.
99) Eat for free at Boss Tweed's from 5-7pm Fridays, or the try Brazen Head's bagle brunch deal. 
100) Also try Sip on the Upper West from 5-7pm or 2-4am. Buy a drink, get some tapas. 
101) Try Kossar's bialys
102) Explore LIC more, and look into historical Hunter's Point
103) Check out the art shows at the end of February
104) Go to Otto's Shrunken Head and Union Hall.
105) Have coffee or write in the garden at St. Luke's. 
106) Always remember you're extremely lucky and blessed to be living in New York City. 

Feel free to comment below to add a suggestion.