The Place

I’ve always imagined life to be a movie.
Not just my life. Everyone’s. All of our stories just happen to intermingle and sometimes the directors of our epic films take on joint projects.
So I’ll explain to you the new filming locations of the current scenes. The past several shoots have been in Richmond and Newport News, VA. Now we’ve moved to the Big Apple for a two-year stint.
New York, watch out. This movie is going to blow you away.
The Setting:
Home – Astoria, Queens

My walk to the subway from the new apartment.

Cute little market place in Astoria.

My apartment! Right in the middle.

Finally. My own room in NYC

One angle of my room - and yes, there is a closet (hallelujah).

Part of the kitchen - there are more cabinets on the the other side but I neglected to take that picture. Ops.

Bathroom. Love the tile.

Living room. So lucky :)

Work – Bloomingdale’s SOHO, New York

Working at "Bloomies" on the 3rd floor.

The lovely Soho area - so glad I'm working here. One of my favorite areas of the city

Only about a 30 minute subway ride from Astoria.

School – Pace University, Midtown New York

The Fred French Building, where my classes will be.

It is located in Midtown Manhattan, around 45th street and just up from Times Square.

Awesome 1930's art deco look.

Where is your next setting going to be?