A Step Back in Time

"Ok...put your hand here. Yes like that...look at me, but a little above me...perfect." Click, Click....Click "Alright, the light is great is right here...oh I am so excited for these!" Click...Click "Steph, can you fix her dress...yes, that's great. Stay right there."

Two of my roommates buzzed around me, lipstick and camera in hand. We were standing near an old theater in the historic Hilton Village of Newport News. And I was loving the chance to play dress-up.

Katelyn James, my roommate and wonderful photographer, had seen a blog with old timey pictures she was sure she could emulate. Because I love everything from the past, and feel as though I may have been born in the wrong decade, I of course volunteered with her little project.
Katelyn was able to practice some new poses, while I got to have fun!

Her wedding photography business, Inspired Designs, is linked on this page if you would like to take a look at more from our photo shoot or her pictures from previous customers. It truly was a fun afternoon, and I am so proud of my loving roommate who has already run with her passions.
Thanks Katelyn!

Photo By: Katelyn James
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