Update: Adventures in Ireland

It looks as though I’ll be on my way to Dublin this June 28th! Tickets were purchased today, and plans about my host family and company are in the making… For those of you just tuning in, I have received the opportunity to complete an internship in Ireland for two months this summer in the field of Journalism or Communications. YAY.
“But I don’t know where I should sit!?”
“Sit near an exit…that way you can bail if you need to.”
“Nate…that does not help my fear of flying.”
“Just saying…”
“And am I really going to ‘bail’?!
“I would.”
“Yeah…me too.”
I am not petrified of flying, but this will be my first flight by myself… and I’m going overseas. Yikes. Even so, while choosing my seats with a friend in the library today, I was not completely consumed by nerves. The prospect of immersing into another culture for 8 weeks, plus receiving an internship, could not be more thrilling. And since these tickets are nonrefundable, there is no turning back now…
I will use this blog throughout the summer to keep in touch with all of my family and friends back in “The States.” Hopefully I will provide updates (at least weekly) so you can experience my adventures with me. As they say in Ireland, Slan!

Keem Bay: Maybe I'll be here...

Photo by William Manning/CORBIS