Oh Heart Day

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, I thought to construct a little list to help affirm those of us who will be attending “singles dinners.”

You know you are single on Valentine’s Day when…

1) Your mom says she will be your valentine. She even posts this message on your Facebook wall so you AND the whole world are well aware of your singleness. And you didn’t really care until someone “liked” it.

2) Your friends who are dating someone make sure to remind you that “they love you” and that “Valentine’s Day isn’t really that great.” Thanks guys. But you know it’s not quite the same coming from you as it would be, say… a divorced mother of four. Or even better, Kate Gosselin. She’s worse off.

3) You feel a special connection with all the single people in the world. They are on your side. They understand you. They know you better than those dating folks anyways...

4) You go to a singles dinner with your single friends who sit around and talk about being single. At least the food is always delicious.

5) You never really thought about being single, but you are always reminded of that fact on February 14th. Then, on February 15th, you will be completely happy with your singleness BECAUSE: A) No gifts had to be exchanged, B) Single dinners are actually kind of fun, and C) you enjoy the mystery and excitement of future possibilities and the adventurous unknown!

Oh and D) you love that your mother, no matter what, will always be your Valentine.

Happy Heart Day. Enjoy it, whether you are single or taken ;)

Disclaimer: I do not hate love, people in love, the color red, hearts, candy, or cupids. Actually I dislike cupids (Naked little children with wings and arrows???). But everything else I most definitely enjoy.

Did quite well this year with the candy supply.