The Things I Wanted To Do

I wanted to write a blog post this week,
something maybe about my Spring Break,
-that would have been sweet.
But instead I was working on my senior sem,
until my brain shut off and became dim.

I wanted to go to the gym this week,
and work off all those coffee drinks
-that would have been sweet.
But instead I was too tired, and laid in my bed,
while my alarm went off, with a pillow to my head.

I wanted to drink a Coke this week,
they are so bubbly and delicious,
-that would have been sweet.
But I gave up fries, chips, and soda for lent.
Oh golly, I don't know where my mind went...

I wanted to do many different things,
and yet, my heart still nervously pangs,
because there is only seven more weeks left at CNU,
so that's about all the complaining I can do.

As you may know or as you may see,
I really, truly am quite happy.
So I won't go to the gym,
and I'll finish my darn senior sem,
and if I could, I would do it all over again.

February in review, because I'm getting sentimental; how 'bout you?

Steph and I in the snow.

Mom and Dad, this pictures for you :)

Hanging out at the condo one random weekend.

Dressed up as the French for the Olympics party

Olympics Party

The Olympic Rings - clever!

New Tattoo.
Joking Mom.
It was "To Write Love On Her Arms Day" (look it up - interesting story) but I just thought it was a good end to the post.