And the plans are coming together...

I’ve been bad. There has been a severe lack of blogging in the last several weeks, but my LAST DAYS of college are wrapping up; so busyness must be tolerated.

To all those “what are doing next year” questions that are slug at every graduating senior, I finally have an answer for you. April 12th, 2010 Pace University in New York City accepted me into the Dyson School of Arts to receive my master’s degree in Publishing. Yay!

So if all goes according to plan, mid-summer I’ll be on my way to the Big Apple. And for you blog followers out there, this means you will have something a little bit more interesting to be reading about. I do love you CNU, but the next adventure is calling my name… And an adventure is what I need so I don’t become a sentimental mess as I leave my home of four fabulous years.

So. New York. Get Ready.

PS – Anyone have any tips on how to pay for grad school? Because I’m going to need them. I mean seriously… email me ;)


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