Searching, Hoping, and Jumping

And I thought going to Ireland for the summer would be difficult.

No, moving to New York is definitely trumping that trip right now. There is no program to call when I have questions and no associate to contact when I arrive in the city. No family will take me in, and no host-mother will cook my dinner for me. Suddenly, Ireland doesn’t seem scary at all.

But moving up north for an undetermined amount of time does.

I’m going to have a hefty rent to maintain and a job (or two) while going to school fulltime. Not to mention I’M LIVING IN NEW YORK. By myself? I need to figure out the subways, and the sketchy streets, and the cheap eats, and the places with the hopping beats, and the cool coffee shops, and where to find the cops, and all the really nifty, non-touristy, New Yorker spots.

Quite a list.

So in June I’ll go up to New York and hopefully find a spot to live. By July I would love to be moved in and August would be the perfect month for the start of a job. In September school starts and by October I hope to be acclimated and moderately content.

Oh if only it were that easy… But that’s the update.

PS – I jumped off of a roof (well dangled and fell off of a roof) the last night of college. A warning to future graduates: I do not regret fulfilling my bucket list YET. But if I have to get an MRI next week, that statement might be retracted. So think twice before you climb the abandoned Hiden Wood Lanes.

Here are some pictures from Graduation I found on my parent's cameras. Note: You will NOT find these pictures on Facebook. This is more of a "behind the scenes" approach...

JR. Wow.

No she didn't... but yes. Those are crocks.


All the "Single Ladies." And JR.

Some more of JR's moves. Nices faces in the background.

Being "fun" and "crazzzy."


From just us...


to everyone.

Not really into the ceremony yet...

Lost and lacking friends.

Looks good Grace.

Can you believe we're "adults?"

Beautiful sisters.