Summer Playlist - 10 Days of Music

Day 4:

This is one of those songs that came on my ipod as I was walking down the street, covered by the shade of massive trees overhead. I really wanted to dance in the road, and slowly have neighbors come out and start dancing with me. By the second chorus of the song I expected to turn onto my street with hundreds of people behind me...all dancing!

Alas, only a squirrel followed me home - which I promptly ran from because he was albino and had creepy red eyes.

Anyways, I love the nostalgic 60s sort of introduction to this song. Sometimes I want to listen a tune from a different decade, but can't quite find what I'm looking for in my "Classics" playlist. This band satisfies that craving.

And I love the idea behind this song: What are you doing with your life? Well... you'll figure that out, but you've always got people by your side to help you along the way.

Music By: The Americans

This group consists of six members: Charlie Klarsfeld, Kyle Olson, Sissy Clemens, Corey Dozier, Mass Chef, and John Stanesco. They have an eclectic, full sound with lots of vocal parts to enjoy.

More information about The Americans: