Summer Playlist - 10 Days of Music

Day 5:

So sorry, but the "10 Days of Music" blog series was on a slight hiatus at the beginning of this week. A friend and I had a last minute opportunity to hop up to NYC for a fews days and start some job-hunting. After resume-dropping, blisters, and Chinatown's insanity with a huge suitcase, I am still in love with The City.

On a more musical note, my recent song craze had me bobbing on a bus to this band, also based in New York...

A few blogs and websites quoted two band members explaining the term "rassle" as being a slang word for wrestle that was said often in their home state of Texas.

The Rassle is comprised of Blair Van Nort, Reed Van Nort, Erik Ratensperger, Mark Solomich. Several of the guys were also members of NYC rock bands, The Virgins and The Young Lords.

More information on The Rassle (and some free EPs):

Photo Courtesy of: ralph24's Photobucket