Summer Playlist - 10 Days of Music

Day 7:

In college, my roommate Steph and I would put on my ipod to this certain playlist with some of our favorite bands. We were particularity creative with this one song - jumping around the room like idiots and laughing so loud that I'm sure we could be heard by the neighbors.

The beginning of the track starts with a slow beat and gradually grows to a fast tempo. Steph and I always imagined some girl looking lost, in a field in Africa around sunrise or sunset. And then she starts walking... and then she starts running... and then she sprinting and smiling as the first verse of the song begins.

I won't go into anymore detail because we DID plan out the entire song.

But you get the picture.

This song "Be Set Free" is by artist Josh Garrels. If you ever get the chance to see him perform live, definitely take the time to do it. He came to CNU my freshman year, and mesmerized the crowd with his one-man-band. By overdubbing, mixing sounds, and using an interesting mix of interments, Josh Garrels puts on a complex and interesting performance.

More information on Josh Garrels: