Summer Playlist - 10 Days of Music

Day 6:

I was clicking around the internet this morning, and stumbled across a band that reminds me a bit of my first "10 Days of Music" post on Radical Face. As I listened to the Freelance Whales introductory track of their album "Weathervanes," there was a sense that something epic and slightly spooky was about to happen.

The band uses classic interments, but mixes them with multiple forms of media, creating an eclectic sound that matches the theme of their hodgy-podgy website. In one track you
might hear bells and a guitar, while in another there might be an electronic beat.

The band is quoted saying, "the record works to tell a simple, pre-adolescent love story: a young male falls in love with the spectral young femme who haunts his childhood home (source from "History"). Each track follows this tumultuous storyline, reminding me of some updated version of the gothic tale, Weathering Heights.

And by the end of the album, you have to wonder... did the boy ever get the girl?

More information on Freelance Whales:

Photo Courtesy of: Freelance Whales - MySpace