Thursday's Things New Yorkers Say

Okay first thing’s first. Here is a little something for “Thursday’s Things New Yorkers Say:”

On the train in the upper-east side, two teenagers chat:

“So she said that she thinks that we said that there was something going on tonight, but I don’t remember what we said, and maybe she just said it wrong… ya know?” “Totally.”

Like ohmigod. I’m so pissed I followed that.

A group of twenty-something’s run into each other while shopping in Nanette Lepore, and make plans to hang out.

“Well, today I’m lunching at the Plaza, and grabbing drinks this evening, but what about tomorrow?” Girl #2 and #3 check Blackberries. “We’ll the trainer comes tomorrow morning and then we’re doing tea at the Waldorf, but I think the night is free.” Girl #1 has an idea. “We should meet up for cocktails…” Girl #2 flips her hair behind her head. “Def. I’ll BBM you.” Smiles all around for their brilliant planning. “Awesome. Chow.”

I think I just saw an episode of Gossip Girls being taped, right in front of my eyes. And those two days they have planned would cost my entire paycheck. Whomp Whomp…

Second, in an interesting turn of events, a friend of mine from work and I were able to see Lauren Conrad at a Barns and Noble book signing. She was very pretty, very sweet, and very rushed to accommodate the 200 plus people in line to see her.

Third, I’m coming home this weekend, so get ready Virginia! Can’t wait to see Katelyn James and Michael Alsop finally married after eight years.

Line to see the "The Hills" star, Lauren Conrad.

There she is - couldn't take pictures with her, but we could of her.

Woohoo! Love NYC. But I'll see you Virginia peeps tomorrow :)