Whirlwind Weekend


I woke up to the squeal of unidentifiable females.

Where was I?

More squeals, faint laughter. I rolled over and went into “snooze mood” for another twenty minutes or so, with my phone alarm armed and ready.

“Riiiiing! Riiiiing!”

Oh. There is went again. That ever-present reminder that I’m supposed to be awake and doing something important… what was I supposed to be doing? And where the HECK was I? All I knew is that it was 7:00am.

A few seconds passed while I gathered my thoughts. Oh my gosh. Was that movement? There was someone in the bed with me. No, that couldn’t be… but yes. Someone was most definitely rolling around in my bed. Not good.

“Riiiiing!” I grabbed my phone and sat straight up, my hair piled on top of head and sticky out of a bun in an unsightly fashion. Suddenly I remembered everything and smiled. Thoughts rushed back to me at a horrifyingly fast speed for 7:00am.

It was 10-10-10 and one of my best friend’s was about to marry her boyfriend of eight years. That’s right! Katelyn James and Michael Alsop were finally tying the knot in good ol’ Sparta, Virginia.

I had been to three weddings already this summer (all fabulous in there own ways) with today being the culmination of the wedding season - the final “I do” of the year. This was also the first time I would see several college friends since graduation, and my first trip home since the move to New York.

Big day. Bigger for Katelyn and Michael of course, but never the less, a big day. And because of the hype and eight-year anticipation, it was an exciting Sunday for everyone involved or invited. The whole town (though small) was thrilled.

10 Things about Virginia I loved:

1) The wedding of two close friends – duh.

2) Local food. Pierce’s Barbeque from Williamsburg, Carl’s ice cream from Fredericksburg, and Virginia Roasted Peanuts were all part of the rehearsal dinner. Also Mosaic Café, one of my Richmond favorites, catered the wedding. Yum.

3) Visiting Christopher Newport University, seeing all the people, and going to a late-night hockey game.

4) Walking around barefoot in green grass. I did not realize how much I would miss this late-summer sensation.

5) The smell of home. When I was driving back from CNU I literally stuck my head out the window and smiled. Yeah, yeah I was watching the road. But I already knew where I was going.

6) And that reminds me; I missed DRIVING.

7) Being surrounded by people I know and love. Another duh.

8) Pugs. I missed those puppies.

9) Jasmine Star shooting the wedding! Okay it’s not something I “missed” because it’s never happened before, but it was still uber-exciting.

10) Seeing leaves change color until all the tree-lined roads are a seasonal bouquet of reds, yellows, and oranges.

But going back to New York was certainly no bummer. Work and school are going well, I have tickets for a Broadway show in a few weeks, pancake breakfast in Newark are continuing, and Kathryn and Dad are visiting this weekend. Good month!

So after this whirlwind of a weekend, I sat down on my couch in NYC and ate an avocado while doing some homework on publishing companies. It was sunny, and one of those perfect days when the temperature is the same both indoors and out. I smiled, quite content.

Oh and PS: The person in bed with me was my high school/college/friend for life, Kelley. She steals the blankets so watch out ;)

Some wedding pictures: