To You, Darling Blog

My Dearest "Why,"

We've been together for quite a few years now. And I know that just recently you got a facelift. But there still need to be a few changes in your general appearance. Please don't think me vain, but half your appeal comes from your format, and I know there are a few things we could change. But how? Well, let me worry about that...

Just know that I'm thinking about you dear "Why Blog." No, no big surgery is required. You just need a simple nip here; a little tuck there. But then again, who doesn't? Don't be offended! Goodness, who would have thought you to be the defensive type. Listen, in the next month or so I'll be working on a way to better organize your pages - that's really all I'm thinking about!

And you - well, you just keep doing what you're doing.
Always and forever,