Thursday's Things New Yorkers Say

This week, the city seemed full of advice. Almost everyone I spoke with had something to tell me or a hint to getting by in NYC. I tried to scribble down a few of their thoughts.

At the Quays Pub in Astoria, a guy at the bar speaking to me:

“And what ever you do, don’t become a cynic,” he says. “No, ha… I won’t,” I reply. “You say you won’t, but you’d be surprised…” he finishes, taking a sip of his drink.

Oh how ominous. I’ll have to watch myself. Can I just also mention the fact that this conversation seemed to be right from a movie? Dark bar and a beer included.

In a department store, shopping for coats:

“Yeah, I really need a winter coat,” I say looking at a long puffy jacket. “No girl, what you need to do is just hibernate. December’s not bad, but FORGET January! Just sleep though that month,” the saleslady says.

Winter in NYC does not sound promising.

And then there’s always this: On the N train during Halloween; conversation between two 20-somethings, one guy and one girl.

“What are you again?” the drunk Batman says. “I’m a schoolgirl!” she says, obviously a little annoyed. “Oh good, good, I was hoping that was your costume. Otherwise I was going to have to take you back to the principal’s office (insert stupid grin). But then he might get me for bein’ bad (then a questioning tilt of the head). You’re like over 18 right?”

HA! I laughed out loud I think. But the girl left at the next station. Poor perverted Batman had to go home alone. Maybe he should start looking for a Robin instead.

The Halloween Parade described in one picture.