But Will It Sell?

Based on current pop-culture, trends, economic climate, and events from around the world, I need to come up with a book proposal for class that I think will sell, sell, sell. And you’re going to help me.

Now consider what you have seen other people reading (in the subway, on the bus, on the beach, around your school, etc.) and combine that with what you see happening in the next year across the globe. I need something trendy, profitable, and relevant.

Here is a list of a few options I can choose from:

1) Young Adult book based off of a Greek myth. She’ll probably fall in love and he’ll probably save her. Predictable… but will it sell?

2) A bodybuilding book by a semi-famous bodybuilder. Not my cup of tea, but there is certainly a niche market… would it sell?

3) A three-book deal with famous chefs who first penned “Now Eat This!” I guess the question is, how well did the first book do? And again, will these become part of a series and sell?

4) A blog turned book about how a baby looks when sleeping. Yeah… no, not for me either. But the pictures are good, and she has a large blog following. Plus mother’s seem to stick together… so would this book sell?

5) A well known and award winning author/professor pens a novel about the West and werewolves. Vampires have already come and gone, so this may be a smart move on his part… so will it sell?

6) A family medical drama from a well-known author… not a lot on this one, except for I assume that both previous books have sold well…so will this one?

7) Book about a southern belle who moves to NYC and charms her way to the top. Despite the obvious connections to this novel, it has the potential to be real cheese… but will people buy cheese? Usually.

8) A Russian war novel that seems very Cold Mountain… but hey, that did well. So will this story?

9) A novel about Alice in Wonderland, except more grownup. This author is previously published, and this book would be another historical fiction… but how will it sell?

10) A psychological suspense about a murder investigation and interesting, insomniac sleuth… will the book be a sleeper or a success?

Which do YOU like and which do you hate? Vote in the poll below and feel free to leave a comment about why one book would beat out another. If you are a bit indecisive, you can vote for your top two choices.

*Editor’s Note: I already know which book I’m leaning towards… and that will be revealed at a later date! But I want to know the mass opinion to see which audience I am geared towards… or if I’m just way off ;) *