The 100th Post

March 16th, 2000 and 9,

I was really feeling quite fine.

That is when this blog began

Even if I was “The Why’s” only fan.


I first introduced you to the Newark streets,

With a harsh life for some that just repeats.

You saw school fights and broken lights

And at times, a complete loss of rights.


My next big adventure was out of The States,

To Dublin I went and met some new “mates.”

Ireland was lushly beautiful, no doubt,

And now I wonder how I’ll visit again and go about.


You were with me, dear blog when I was scared of planes,

Or when I was stuck in the “village of the dead,” called Slane.

I told you readers about being called homeless,

And when I got lost because my internship had no address.


Senior year was briefly documented despite class,

So you got to read about eating dinner under an overpass.

There were also some confusing moments in time,

Like how was I supposed to graduate and make life sublime?


Finally, you followed me to New York City,

Where life is enjoyable, humorous, and sometimes gritty.

I laugh and I mess up; I feel infinite and occasionally confused.

But I hope “The Why” and I always keep you amused.


So cheers dear blog, and cheers reader to you!

Happy Birthday to the “The Why” - what a dream come true.

The 100th post is now finally complete.

But may there be countless more adventures to beat.

May there be 100 more.