Back to School and Dogs Rule

We’re back.

School is once again in session, and these semester’s assignments are already underway. Between the internship 20 hours a week, Bloomingdales 22 hours a week, and two graduate school classes, this is going to be an interesting couple of months. Then again, who doesn’t love to be busy?

On a more entertaining note, I saw Martha Stewart’s dog yesterday! It was walking around outside the building, doing his business, with a little raincoat fastened over his white fur.

I really wanted to run up and kiss the little thing, with his only-cute-for-a-dog smushed face. But because of recent events… well, I just smiled at him from a distance.

And finally - the latest update from NYC - I woke up to this monstrosity...

2 to 4 inches today, and 3 to 5 inches tonight... humph!